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What Shooting Style Are You?

If you have been doing your research, we're quite sure you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of wedding photographers in this small island state. Which photographer would you want to engage? Before you appoint your photographer, you'll have to determine what style are you.

This article aims to give you a better understanding, to identify yourself first before you make your decision.

Each photographer has their own unique approach towards photography. So, it's still possible to differentiate one from another through these 2 broad styles - the candid journalist (CJ) vs the controlled studio photographer (CSP).

Candid Journalist (CJ)

The candid journalist loves shooting who the couple really is. They don't dictate much, but prefer capturing the couple in their natural state, being themselves. They believe it is this approach that brings out the best in each couple. Couples who dislike traditional posing shots love this concept.

On the contrary, it's also convenient for amateurs to disguise themselves as journalistic photographers, to cover up for their lack of experience. How would you spot one? Imagine you're watching a tv serial. At some point in time, you'll surely encounter amateur actors whose acting is stiff and unnatural. A good director is able to draw the actors into the show and bring out the best in them, whereas a bad director would continue directing them looking stiff and forced.

Controlled Studio Photographer (CSP)

The term 'controlled studio photographer', does not mean shooting strictly in a studio. We're borrowing the term to describe photographers who like to control how you stand, and how you pose. They maintain absolute control over your every movement and your every pose. If this is your preference, your wedding album may contain mainly posy shots. Every image and pose is prim and proper. You will look smart and flawless, like supermodels. This style of shoot has its followers, because the couples get to be like supermodels once in their lifetime. Everyone wants to look good, but does this style suit you? You'll have to ask yourself if you're a naturalist or drama queen.

Which shooting style do you prefer? Our advise to clients, is to not limit your choice base on pricing only, but seriously go identify a photographer that truly resonates with your style.

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