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Celebrate Life, a Reflection during Circuit Breaker

We are now into week 2 of circuit breaker, and for some of us, it might even have been weeks spent within the confinement of our homes, and neighbourhood. During this lull season, we took some time to spring clean our library of images, and do things which we usually do not have time for. We learnt to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings a bit more, and not allow things outside of our control distract us or bring us down.

Although we have to observe physical distancing, we are grateful and glad that we need not socially distance ourselves online. Even as everyday conversations revolve around the rise of coronavirus cases and clusters, we wish to break this mould and spark a little joy to celebrate life!

This is a snippet featuring a throwback of our last shoot done in February this year.

A&D fun with bubbles
Bubble fun at Upper Pierce Reservoir

Avnish and Deepal are no strangers to us. We documented their pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoot a couple of years back, which led to a series of shoots for their extended families as well. We are so thankful and privileged to have formed such a well-trusted connection with them. And this year, we had the honour of witnessing the growth of this wonderful couple’s family unit.

A&D with baby clothes
We can't wait to dress you up in these...

A&D loving little one
Anticipating your arrival (",)

Deepal eating ice cream
It's ok to indulge once in a while :p

Take time to surprise your loved ones, and indulge a little in the things you love. We hope this series brought smiles to your faces and encouraged you to treasure family bonding time, along with the little pleasures of staying home.

Daddy's little gift
Daddy's little gift & mummy's precious smile :D

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In the mean time, stay healthy indoors, and stay safe. Together #SGunited, we will be able to overcome this epidemic.

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