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John & Priscilla

"It's been a very good experience getting the Artree team to shoot our wedding. We really love the non-intrusive way they work. We've seen a lot of videographers from our friends' wedding who always need them to pose and act to get the footage they need and we thought we wouldn't want our wedding to be shot this way. Thumbs up for them."

Kelvin & Jia Ling

"We got Artree photobooth for our wedding and we really like the choices they have for their backdrops. A lot of photobooths we saw are either too expensive or for those very affordable one, their backdrops are too typical. Artree has just the right balance between price and quality. Definitely will engage them again if we ever need a booth."

Wei Jun & Yi Shi

"We initially wanted to get everything from the bridal studio but we thought wedding is once in a lifetime event and we don't want to make a hasty decision when it comes to photography. We don't want to regret not getting a good photographer and end up with pictures we don't even want to look at in the future.


We've heard a lot of horror stories from our friends when they received the pictures from their photographers because they leave it to the bridal studios to assign a photographer to them and we're glad we didn't make the same mistake."

Yi Liang & Sarah

"The Artree team is really a joy to work with. No gimmicks in what they do. They are straight forward and professional. Instead of just shooting a typical wedding, they are able to capture real moments and emotions. And non of those needed us to purposely pose or act for the cameras. All our guests love the photos.


We've no questions recommending Artree to whoever looking for quality work and understands good photography."

Paul & Xin Yi

"Initially we thought photobooth is over-done but our perception changed after our wedding when we saw all the images taken from the 2hr photobooth session. All our uncles and aunties had a really good time playing with the props and posing for the camera. In fact, they are the one who took more pictures than the youngsters. It's definitely a good 2hr for them to enjoy themselves. These days, how often do they get to do a photo shoot. Lol.


If you are thinking if you need a photobooth, just get it. You'll see how well received it is for all your guests, especially the elderlys."

Ernest & Ashley

"We got a free 2hr shoot by submitting to their monthly contest thing and we are fortunate to have been selected for the shoot. It was the best 2hr we have. Shaun is really down to earth and we had great fun and laughter thoughout the shoot.


Comparing the photos we had from this short 2hr shoot with those we got from the bridal studio, they were really worlds apart. We end up doing a full day shoot with him and never look back at those typical photos we got from the bridal studio. Shaun is really helpful and even helped us edit a few pictures we got from the bridal studio cos they really suck and we don't see the point to pay them extra for something they should have done in the first place.


If you are tired of changing to different outfits and shooting typical photos from bridal studios with the same backdrop, get Shaun to shoot for you instead."

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