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We are the Instant Print People

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Our most popular package for individual parties, weddings and events. Comes complete with a wide selection of backdrops and a whole range of props. A must have to spice up your event.

Photobooth Extra

We know one size doesn't fit all. If you have a special theme for your event that requires it's own backdrop, our bespoke Photobooth Extra gives you all the flexibility of customizing your own and gets it printed for your event.

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At a function and everyone is taking pictures with their phones to update their Instagram? Wouldn't it be nice if all the photos from you event are organized neatly in one place? All you need to do is ask your guests to use the same hashtag before posting and our InstaBooth will search through Instagram and grab all the pictures with the same hashtag. Now your guests can print their pictures using your own template and branding.

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Green Booth

Like the Photobooth Extra, our Green Booth allows you to customize a design to go with your event without the hassle of printing. Like a movie production, we set up the green screen as your backdrop, you take the picture and our software removes the green screen and replaces it with your own pre-designed background

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Corporate Booth

The most essential package for all corporate events. Have you ever need to mount your backdrop on a system for your roadshows, dinner & dance or product launch and are not sure where to get one? We now provide the hardware you need. A perfect solution for your event and a great backdrop for the photobooth after your event!

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Q: Why Do We Need An Instant Print?

A: Be it for any occsasion, an instant print is always a great way to keep your guests entertained. It's a great momento to bring home after the event. Everyone loves to have a picture of that awesome dress they wore for the occasion.


Q: How many photos can you print for a 2 hour package?

A: Prints are unlimted. As long as your guests are in for the fun, we'll print.


Q: Are props provided?

A: Yes. We have a wide range of props and we are always on a constant look out for more wacky and interesting props.


Q: Will I be able to customise my own template?

A: Certainly and with pleasure. After a booking is made, we'll be dropping you an email to liaise about the details.


Q: Will I be getting back all the soft copies of the photos after the event?

A: Yes, all soft copies will be returned after the event.

Q: How big a space do you need for your setup?

A: For a comfortable shoot, we'll need a space of about 5m square to setup our backdrop and lightings properly. Do tell your venue owner to allocate a space for us prior to your event so we can speed up our setting up process on the day of your event.


Q: What other things do you need?

A: Two long tables for our printers, laptops and props. We also need power points for all our equipments. It'll be great to convey this need to your venue owner before your event day so we can setup everything faster.


Q: My venue is tight on space, can I do without a backdrop?

A: Yes. We can shoot just about anywhere. Be it infront of a plain wall or out in the open. Infact, if you spot a nice cool wall at your venue, it can be used as a backdrop.


Q: How much do you charge if we overrun?

A: Our price for overtime is $250/hr. We'll check with you on the spot if you need us to stay a little longer.

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