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Singapore Wedding Photographer, Pre-wedding
About Us

Artree started as a photobooth company which later grew to include photography and grew yet again to include videography.

When it comes to wedding, we believe in an unscripted appoach to document your big day. During our younger days when we attend weddings, we often end up having to pose and act for the video. No doubt it looks nice sometimes when you get to watch it during the wedding banquet, the whole wedding ceremony sort of became a formula to most of us over the years.


So when we became photographers and videographers, we told ourselves we aren't going to do that. We want to document your wedding in it's most natural way.


Also, most of us love a little fun when we attend a function and we believe you do as well. Everyone is dressed for the event and wouldn't it be great if we have something tangible to bring home so we can remember the day long after the event is over?

Believe us when we tell you most guests who attend functions love to have a print to take home. Our photobooth with the instant print fills the gap and it comes with great varieties. There's bound to be something for everyone.


In the digital age nowadays, most, if not all our photos are kept in our phones or harddisk. We hardly print our photos these days. The only way we'll get to see the photos are through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram etc, provided we do post them. Call us old school but we still believe in flipping a physical photo album. If all things fail, the album will always be there.


We'd love to think that if we don't print our photos there and then, we won't print it at all.

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